So you’ve heard the new buzz word in anti wrinkle treatments? #monothreads

PDO Threads are another method of skin tightening and thickening your skin. They are a type of single PDO filament, are smooth and without barbs
PDO Threads are inserted into the sub dermal level, in a mesh-like pattern, to promote the creation of new collagen. The threads activate collagen synthesis which produces a gradual skin thickening, skin tightening and #skinrejuvenation effect.
They are minimally invasive and can also be used multiple times.
What are PDO threads made from?
The threads become a support structure for your face, allowing collagen production to increase. Overtime, the threads are absorbed by the body.
How do PDO threads tighten the skin?
They induce natural collagen production, which creates a tightening effect. This effect lasts for 6-12 months.
Results may be seen in 6 weeks and will continue to improve over 2 to 6 months. While the threads slowly dissolve, their effects may last up to 12 months.
I have available appointments for Mono Threads in all my 4 locations. Feel free to book in for tightened skin.

Expected side effects can include pain at the threading site, for some days after treatments. 

Bruising – we ask that you avoid Ibuprofen as this can exacerbate bruising. 

Mild swelling which will subside within 24 hours

Before & After Images